White Oak Music Hall was filled with good vibes, great people, and amazing artists Sunday night. I arrived “fashionably late” due to parking. (It took 30 minutes, btw) I walked into the newly opened space, just as Explosions in the Sky were starting their set. Everyone gathered around the lawn stage to enjoy a relaxing yet epic show filled with music, lights, and the sunset. Can’t get better than that. Inside the venue, Josiah Gabriel put together a dope set to get the vibes right. Mashin up a little ol’ school and new school with whatever else he wanted to throw out there. All the Hype in the room turned to anxiousness as Ghostland Observatory was about to come out. Everyone got super rowdy and raised hell as they walked on stage. After that it was history. From the crazy dance moves to the hearing some old tracks I first heard as a kid brought me back to the really good times in life. Standing in the middle of a crowd with everyone dancing around you just enjoying life and good music is always a great thing to experience. Sometimes I feel shooting the show is only a bonus!

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