As I was listening to the bands playing FPSF this year, I noticed a really great pattern. I LOVED all the Texas bands. And this Austin-based band of 5 dashing Texans was no different. We met up in the Phoenicia tent at the messiest table I could find and started chatting music, saved by the bell, and somehow…Scott Evans.

Photo Jun 01, 3 50 15 PMLauren Ignited: So there’s a big emphasis on folk bands right now. How do you think The Wheeler Brothers fits into that genre?
Wheeler Brothers: I would say we are more rock, but there is some folk in there. But, it shouldn’t be us saying what our category is. Where do you think we are?

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Haha, we’ll that’s tough to answer. I don’t think any band these days is just in one genre any more. But, I would say you fall into folk-rock pretty well.
WB: Yeah, some of our songs start with country roots but then it turns into a rock song. It’s like a morph from one to the other.

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LI: What are your fans like?
WB: We put a lot of energy into making sure our live show has a lot of energy in it. We always hope people can connect to it. We are starting to get followings in other states and other cities. It’s cool to see repeat people come out and actually developing a fan base. Especially in central Texas. Its cool to see how certain shows and energy levels play to the audience in different ways.

LI: What so you want to do with your music? What are your goals as a band?
WB: Straight to the top. We want to create something to cheer people up or not ..or take them the other way. To have an emotion, but to entertain. Definitely, to have a good time. The best is having the chance to write our music the way we want, and then see how the crowd reacts…see how the music connects with someone and see how they dig it.

photo (7)LI: Concerts or Festivals?
WB: Festivals are fun. We get to meet a lot of cool bands at festivals. Concerts are great for you fan base but festivals are great way to expose yourself to someone who’s just walking by or someone who might not have shelled out $30 to come out to your show but would take an hour to swing by the show.

Later that afternoon, I caught up with them again to soak in the rock-folk or folk-rock that is Wheeler Brothers. You decide. And check them out next time you’re in Austin, or catch them on tour if you still can’t decide.

Photo Jun 01, 3 57 24 PM (HDR)

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