I would have never guessed that a “bad day” would be the catalyst for something so positive in my life. Yet, that is exactly what happened. Back in 2012, I was having a particularly rough day and was seeking a way to raise my vibration and stay positive. I decided to write affirmations in the soles of my shoes. I used sharpie and wrote and a number of other statements inside my converse. I loved the idea of seeing these positive statements each time I put on my shoes and knowing that I was walking around grounded in my truth.

I quickly learned that I needed to create something more sustainable as the marker smeared and stained my socks. So I got creative, did a little research, and designed my first product- affirmation flip flops. I wanted to share the message of positive self-talk and hopefully inspire others when they are having a bad day to remember they are loved. From there my company, Affirm.A.Wear, was born. I created affirmation designs for tees, tanks, hoodies, totes, baby onesies and more.

I love having reminders such as “I am strong” and “I am beautiful” all around me. I find wearing my affirmations is a great way to keep my vibe up and spread positivity with others.

What do you do to raise your vibration? Do you use affirmations? Do you find them helpful?

I believe working with affirmations as a regular practice allows people to live a more fulfilling life. When people know and feel their value they are more likely to do what they love and be surrounded by people that they love. Affirmations remind us of our true nature and inspire us to keep moving forward towards our heart’s desires.

Here is a simple practice to keep your vibe high: Use reminders on your my phone to pop up throughout the day with various affirmations. Try one of these affirmations or create your own. Remember to keep it positive, in the first person and present tense.


My life has value. I make a positive impact on my world.

I am passionate and fully engaged with life.

I stand fully in my power.


Write your affirmations, dance your affirmations, speak your affirmations, wear your affirmations…because what you say to yourself matters.

Check out Affirm.A.Wear’s Limited Edition “Love Vibes Only” design available only for the month of February. Rainbow learned at a young age the value of positive self-talk. She now gets to support others in developing a positive relationship with self + others through her work as an Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Counselor. She created Affirm.A.Wear as a reminder that what we say to ourselves matters. 


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