Tony RecordsThis week’s #TuesdayTease features one of the greats in House Music: Tony Humpries. If you think House Music is what you hear on the radio, then please keep reading and PLEASE come to this event. House Music is a gift to the world, it’s what heals me when I’m hurt, it’s what lifts me up and keeps me groovin. And when he’s on deck, you’re gonna get a big dose of love, house and groove.

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Every few months, Houston gets a visit from a true House Legend. From Joey Negro to Louie Vega to Kevin Yost to Nicodemus, you don’t have to wait too long before another great event is around the corner.

So, let’s talk about Tony Humphries. Godfather of the “New Jersey” sound. CEO of Tony Records. Producer. DJ. Pioneer. Legend. He has built a brand from his style of uptempo soul and I just can’t get enough of it. Listen to his music below and grab your ticket now. Much like everything I talk about on this blog, you don’t want to miss this epic FOUR hour set from a House Legend.

Connect with Tony on facebooktwitteryoutube and soundcloud. Photo property of Tony Records. Get tickets before they sell out.

What’s a #TuesdayTease? Every Tuesday, I post a video from a band that will be coming to a stage near you soon. If you’re here, you love live music. So, let’s get pumped together for all the fantastic shows that happen around Houston, from local musicians to touring musicians. 

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