I love musicians. It’s true. We know this. But a musician that MAKES his own instrument? Awesome. Truly. Take a look at what Jody Macgregor says about That1 Guy (who also happens to be playing Houston very soon), “As the one-man band known as That 1 Guy, Mike Silverman plays an instrument of his own invention, which he calls “the magic pipe.” After growing frustrated with other instruments, he designed it over the course of a month spent haunting hardware stores, collecting odd lengths of pipe and tools with the manic fervor of Richard Dreyfuss’ character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

Viva la one man band! Catch That1 Guy at Fitzgerald’s on Feb 10 and get a feel for what is in store for you now:

What’s a #TuesdayTease? Every Tuesday, I post a video from a band that will be coming to a stage near you soon. If you’re here, you love live music. So, let’s get pumped together for all the fantastic shows that happen around Houston, from local musicians to touring musicians. 

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