Lunaface Productions is back at it again! They brought you DJ Tony Touch earlier this summer and now, they are bringing in Mr. V! Hailing from Manhattan and DJing since he was 14, V is best known for his accomplishments as an American house and Latin music DJ, producer and rapper. He has collaborated with Louie Vega regularly and is a co-owner of SOLE Channel Music, with Alix Alvarez. He is also on the Masters At Work label, MAW Records, which is run by Louie Vega and Kenny Dope.

You can catch the show for free this Saturday at The Flat. Don’t miss out!

Connect with Mr. V on facebook and twitter.

What’s a #TuesdayTease? Every Tuesday, I post a video from a band that will be coming to a stage near you soon. If you’re here, you love live music. So, let’s get pumped together for all the fantastic shows that happen around Houston, from local musicians to touring musicians.

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