This week’s #TuesdayTease focuses on Dr. Dog, who will be playing Warehouse Live this Thursday. They have been playing indie-psychedelic-folk-rock since the late 90s and are heavily influenced by the bands of the 60s. Fun fact about the band. They all have nicknames that begin with the letter T:

Scott McMicken (vocals, lead guitar, bass, piano, banjo, keyboards, Omnichord) is nicknamed Taxi.
Toby Leaman (vocals, bass, guitar) is nicknamed Tables.
Zach Miller (keyboards, piano, organ, guitar, banjo, backing vocals, accordion) is nicknamed Text.
Eric Slick (drums, percussion, backing vocals, guitar) is nicknamed Teach.
Frank McElroy (rhythm guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, Omnichord) is nicknamed Thanks.
Dimitri Manos (percussion, electronics, effects, guitar, Meatball Palace, bass, Omnichord, Optigan) is nicknamed Tucson.

Do they use these names on a daily basis? Who knows. You’ll just have to scream one out and see if they turn around. Take a look at one of their live performances and grab your ticket for this Thursday. You won’t regret it!

Connect with Dr. Dog on the webfacebooktwittersoundcloudyoutube and instagram. Photo from

What’s a #TuesdayTease? Every Tuesday, I post a video from a band that will be coming to a stage near you soon. If you’re here, you love live music. So, let’s get pumped together for all the fantastic shows that happen around Houston, from local musicians to touring musicians. 

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