Suffers Fall TourThe Suffers are a 10 piece band from Houston, TX that have crafted a sound they call, Gulf Coast Soul. They pull influences from the Houston music scene, New Orleans music scene, Rap, Soul and Reggae. And it’s beautiful. From the first time I heard The Suffers play, I was hooked. It was on a rooftop in Houston, well, the parking garage roof of Khon’s to be exact. This well-loved, local bar in Houston often hosts concerts in this unusual spot to some (but totally normal to Houstonians). The skyline of downtown peeks up above the edge of the garage and serves as a perfect background. That show was years ago. Flash-forward to now and The Suffers have toured around the world, played on David Letterman, played on Jimmy Kimmel and have  recently been head lining their own tour around the US. In the past 7 months, they have played Chicago 3 times. They visited the Windy City recently playing two shows back to back at Schubas, due to overwhelming demand. I, of course, wouldn’t have missed them for the world and took a few photos at their show at Schubas.

Connect with The Suffers on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Connect with Jakubi on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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