The gentle, mystical rock band, The Manichean will perform their soon-to-released album, LOVERS, at the Alley Theatre’s Neuhaus Stage. I’ve lived in Houston for a long time and I’m pretty tuned in to what’s going on..and I’ve never heard of a band performing at the Alley. This is really quite a moment for Houston and for the bands involved. The Manichean will be joined by Asli of the Tontons, Tyagaraja, Two-Star Symphony and Mills McCoin. Just think about that for a second. Add in the ambiance of the theatre, the acoustics and the fancy feelign of being at a downtown theatre with your closest friends in Houston….$10 for a ticket sounds like an absolute bargain. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can upgrade your ticket to receive a copy of their current album and a ticket to the afterparty ($25). Or go up another level and get a giant bag of swag that includes all the current releases from The Manichean, a ticket to afterparty and limited edition poster and shirt ($50)!

Details: Saturday, June 16th, 11pm, Alley Theatre, Neuhaus Stage
Tickets at ; Official facebook invite here

Connect with The Manichean on facebook, twitter, soundcloud and their website.
Picture propoerty of The Manichean,

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