The Flat, King Britt, PhiladelphiaThis weekend, The Flat is celebrating the accumulation of months of work. New owner, DJ Sun, and his crew have been quietly re-designing, re-branding and re-invigorating the bar & lounge nestled in Montrose. You may have noticed new weekly and monthly events such as SG Social, SoulDig, Housekeeping popping up at The Flat. And I’m sure you’ve seen the new drink menu and met the friendly new bar staff. Have you tried their new food menu? Everything is delish. Some things, though, have stayed the same. The 8 year running, Rocksteady Mondays DJd by Sun himself, hasn’t budged and with good reason.

I caught up with DJ Sun to chat about the changes, his role and his vision for the future.

Lauren Ignited: You are well-known in the music community here in Houston and your role as Managing Partner of a bar and venue that brings in internationally known, Grammy winning and down to earth performances is a natural fit. What is your long term vision for The Flat? Where do you see it in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?
DJ Sun: Thank you. I see The Flat as an institution in the Montrose community and would love to turn it into a diverse cultural center with emphasis on art and music that reflects the community from the perspective of my aesthetics, which I started with SoulCooking (monthly party) in 1993 and Soular Grooves (KPFT 90.1) in 1994 and continued with the success of the radio show today, and the release of “One Hundred” (debut album in Jan 2013). It would an amazing endeavor to be able to create The Flat in markets other than Houston- this is something that we have on our horizon, as well- no strict timetable.

Lauren Ignited: Bringing in the culture of the Museum and Art District is an idea that I don’t think has been done and I can’t wait to see all of this grow into fruition. Speaking of music, I know you are already planning lots of amazing musical events for Houston. What type of surprises do you have in store for 2014?
DJ Sun: I would like to build on the relationship that Squad Car Media (Phillip Marshall) and I have built with The Museum of Fine Arts Houston Mixed Media to be able to build out some after-parties and performances that parallel with the vision that we collectively have for the Montrose and Museum District nightlife. I have already booked Jay Tripwire and more surprises in the form of quality international DJs are to come.

TheFlatReLaunchCelebrationTSUNSetLauren Ignited: Fantastic. We will be on the lookout for details! So, when you envision The Flat and its patrons, how do you want people to feel each time they visit?
DJ Sun: A sense of pride that they are a part of Montrose and Houston quality in all aspects of our business- drinks, food, service, art, music.

Re-invigorated is definitely the right word to use here, folks. Come out this Saturday and see what they’ve been cooking up for you! The evening will include a viewing of Tsun Set, a documentary short based on DJ Sun and his quest to bring new sounds to the Houston nightlife. Headlining the night will be King Britt, a Philadelphia based but internationally known DJ, producer, composer, and curator.

Visit for more info. Images courtesy of The Flat.

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