The Ignited team is super thankful to the amazing listeners, like you who tune in and support the show. We will continue to bring amazing stories of how music and food effects the lives of those we are interviewing, and also our own lives. We can’t express how grateful we are that you are along for the ride.

In this slightly ADD episode, find out what’s been keeping Lauren busy, how Greg utilizes his vocal jazz performance degree to serenade his dog, and how Lauren almost chose to study French horn in college. Hear some amazing ways to prepare a Turkey (although it’s too late to start some of these for Thanksgiving), and also hear how a King Ranch casserole destroyed Thanksgiving.

Whether you are prepping a Thanksgiving feast, or commuting out to see family, grab your mulled cider, your stretchy pants, and pop this episode on for a listen.



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Happy Thanksgiving y’all
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