It’s restaurant week, and we could not be more excited to share with you some insight into one of the participating restaurants, Tanta.

World-renowned chef, Gaston Acurio, wanted to bring Peruvian cuisine to Chicago in a way that showcased culture and flavor. In his words, “Our menu is like traveling throughout Peru from the Pacific Ocean to playing in the desert to touring the Andes mountains, the reflection of the Lake Titicaca over the Altiplano, through the amazing colors and sounds of the Amazon Jungle… traveling, celebrating, sharing the flavors and joys of Peru and having fun with respect and gratitude to the Earth.”

At a glance, the menu looks like a fusion of Latin and Asian cuisine, but in actuality, that is EXACTLY what Peruvian cuisine is. Take one of our favorite dishes the Pobre Niguiris Nikei. Perfectly seared skirt steak is topped with a fried quail egg, and slightly spicy sauce and acidic Ponzu gel. Presented on sushi rice, it’s a bomb of flavor that literally explodes in your mouth. An order comes with two, and after you taste one, it’ll be hard to share the other, so it may be smarter to order two per person.

And don’t forget the drinks. Local to Peru, Pisco can be found represented in a multitude of different fashions on the menu. In this episode of the podcast, we hear a little about some of the intricacies of Pisco and how it is used in more than just a Pisco Sour. If you are not a Pisco fan, go for our favorite cocktail, El Chingon. This cocktail with a kick is a beautiful blend of Jalapeno Tanteo Tequila, Mezcal, lime, and cilantro, but it doesn’t stop there. Tanta infuses rocoto pepper, indigenous to Peru, into a spherical ice cube that melts as you drink it creating a lasting burn.

For restaurant week Tanta is doing both Lunch and Dinner specials. If you have been curious about what Peruvian cuisine is about, this is a great chance to experience a variety of what the culture has to offer. For $22 a lunch consists of a choice of one of four main courses, and one of two desserts. For $44 dinner is three courses with three first course options, four second course, and two desserts. There are also daily wine specials at $9 a glass.

Albeit cold outside, the vibrancy, cuisine, and culture inside the doors at Tanta will be sure to give you a little escape from January in Chicago. Make your reservation now and be sure to take advantage of the Restaurant Week Specials through February 8th.



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