Sync Radio is a new radio show in Houston that focuses on “Global Electronic Rhythms” every Saturday night from 10pm – Midnight on the FM dial at 90.1 KPFT Houston, Texas. Can’t get to a radio? You can also stream the broadcast live from the KPFT website or from your cellphone using the Pacifica Radio App.

For veteran listeners of the KPFT airwaves, Sync Radio is proud to be chosen as the heir to the Soular Grooves time slot. Many of the voices you heard on Soular Grooves will be present on Sync Radio, including yours truly. You’ll hear me pop in sometime around 10:30 to chat about upcoming concerts that should be on your radar.

Following a similar layout, the host will play a mix of his or her favorite songs for you during the first hour then a DJ will come in for a live mix for the second hour. I’ll post the shows to my blog as well, so if you miss them, you can listen afterwards!

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