I sat down with the organizer and curator for this Saturday’s art show, Super Eight, yesterday at the Tasting Room. And over a beer and through a lovely British accent, Chris shared his vision for Super Eight, how it came together and what he is looking forward to this Saturday at Spring Street.

The title Super Eight is an omage to the the 8mm film as well as a nod to the eight artists who were hand picked to be a part of the show. There will be film aspects incorporated into the art show as well. And if you notice, the artists on the flyer are listed in alphabetical order, much like movie credits:

With the exception of one very popular piece, all the work in the show will be brand new. In fact, Chris hasn’t even seen it; he purposely chose to be both curator and his own guest. And after all, isn’t the whole point of an art show… to see something new, take it all in and chat with the artist about their work? Clearly, he knows these exceptional artists have a talent that he wants to share with others, he trusts their work to show it blindly and he wants to share in the excitement the guests will feel as they walk from new piece to new piece.

The bottom floor of Spring Street Studios will be transformed into a well thought out journey through each artists work. The legendary DJ Sun will be providing the soundtrack for the night. Sponsors Karbach Brewing Company, Dragon Bowl, Beaver’s and Dripping Springs will be providing beer, bites and vodka. And Chris is personally footing the bill for some tasty, tasty wine. Do me a favor and try the white wine. I’ve been promised it’s going to be delicious! The bar tenders were also personally selected and they have a very special drink in store for you. If you are a fan of vodka make sure you try the artisan cocktail!

So, put on a fun outfit and get ready to experience Houston art, culture, bites and more this Saturday from 5:30-9:o0pm at Spring Street Studios!

Official facebook invite here.
Flyer property of the Super Eight team. 

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