What’s a girl to do?!

Birthdays are a beautiful thing. And when they happen at St. Arnold’s Brewery, the drinks are included! For a small fee, Houstonians were invited to the brewery for BBQ and goblets, yes GOBLETS, of St. Arnold’s tasty brew! As you can imagine, it wasn’t hard to find a few friends to tag along with me. We put on our party hats, grubbed down on BBQ and sat down for what turned into an afternoon of laughter and fun. I stuck with the St. Arnold’s Amber, while some mixed and matched. Sometimes, a girl just knows what she wants! There were even some hilarious St. Arnold Olympics happening all around the brewery..and often the games were so off-the-wall it was hard to tell what the objective was. But, one thing was clear: everyone was having a great time! The only downside? I found out towards the end of the party that I couldn’t take my beer outside. No fun in the sun for me until I finished my beer! 😉 St. Arnold’s always throws a good party, and their birthday party certainly didn’t disappoint! I’m definitely looking forward to next year!


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