How many times have you heard these questions: “What kind of music do you like?” “Who’s your favorite band?” And how often is it hard for you to answer? Most of us like a pretty wide variety of music, which is one of the reasons I started Lauren Ignited. I wanted to share with you the many bands of Houston that I loved.

However, the more I get asked that question the more I realize that soul has stolen my heart. It snuck in years ago and patiently and methodically showed up right when I needed it: a breakup, a good day, a celebration, a night out, or a night alone in reflection. And then one day, out of seemingly nowhere, I realized that I was in love with soul music. Sneaky.

These artists are a few of my favorites. I will continue to add to this list. It’s not in any particular order. Know someone I missed? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Dam-FunkTwitter | Instagram | Tour

Mayer Hawthorne: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

The Suffers: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

The Dip: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Tortured Soul: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Tuxedo: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Thundercat: Twitter | Tour

Roxy Roca: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Tomar and the FCs: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Mndsgn: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Lily K: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Ravyn Lenae: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Mild High Club: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

Childhood: Twitter | Instagram | Tour

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