Starting a project? Business? Website? Congratulations! So, let me guess, you know Social Media is important and you want to get involved, but you’re a little overwhelmed? Fret no more! Tonight from 6:30-8:30 pm at Spring Street Studios at Seekeasy (Studio 209) I will walk you through all the major social media sites and help you filter through which ones are the best for your project, business or website. We will set up your accounts and walk you through the basics (and some really handy tips and tricks). And most importantly I will help you start your first Social Media Strategy and Content Calendar.

Topics for the Class:

  • Social Media Sites: Facebook Twitter Google+ Foursquare / GoWalla / Facebook Places YouTube Flickr Yelp Pinterest Digg / Reddit / Technorati
  • Developing your social media strategy
  • How to track and measure you social media footprint
  • Creating a content calendar

Be sure to bring your laptop!

Do you have a specific question you’d like covered during the class? Send it ahead of time to!

The class costs $25 and you will walk away with everything you need to jump start you business, project or website in the social media realm! Now tell me that’s not a good deal!

Registration is available through eventbrite. See you there!!

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