IMG_5140This past Friday night, Grammy award winner Sergio Mendes and the Brasil 66 came to Houston to help kick off iFest. We had a chance to catch up with him just before the show and asked him a few questions about Brazil, his music and what’s next.

IMG_5240Lauren Ignited: As your home country, what would you most want to share with the world about Brazil?
Sergio Mendes: Brazil is a mixed culture of Portuguese  African, French, Dutch… Cultural Diversity give Brazilian culture something different. The Diversity gives us the ability to enjoy life.

LI: At what moment did you know you wanted to pursue music?
SM: Very young! When I was 15, playing music in clubs.

LI: Mas Que Nada has obviously become recognized as one of your most famous songs and has been recorded multiple times. How does it feel to have written a song that has taken so many different directions?
SM: I think it’s amazing that that melody is so universal. Different ages, different countries, all enjoy it. It’s a magical thing for me; it has become the sound track for my life. That melody is so universal. We travel all over the world and we play that song and people join in and sing. It’s just a wonderful experience.

image_5LI: You have won a Grammy, multiple Latin Grammy’s and have toured the world for 5 decades. What do you have planned next?
SM: I’m enjoying my life daily. No major long term plans. Whatever comes up that I like and feel is the right thing to do, that’s what I’ll do.

I am humbled and honored to have spoken with Mr. Mendes. He was very friendly and kind. He and the Brasil 66 put on amazing show, just as they have for decades. Continue the celebration of Brazil this weekend and next in Downtown Houston at iFest!

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Photos courtesy of Dayton Kendrick. Follow him @dkendrick1.

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