“Without really knowing it, we’ve kind of had this recipe over the years of like starting the show out and hitting people with that sexually-charged kind of funk — like get your body moving and make you feel make you feel sexy — dancing, getting sweaty and then it’s like there’s a moment where you’ve been doing that and then you’re receptive, in the right spot for a message and the message of positivity?

…like we understand your struggle, but you gotta have hope and so I think that is kind of what we’re all about. It’s like we’re gonna get you dancing, and get you sweaty, and then when you’re in the right spot, to let you know that there’s a better way — that happiness is a choice…

…I just want to make it about feeling good and hoping that in some way that will translate and bring opportunity to us to take it around the world and do like we did in Japan the UK and other places in Europe and just carry this message of hope and remind people that music is a path to the present moment.” ~Taye Cannon, Roxy Roca

Lauren first experienced Austin-based soul band Roxy Roca live 5 years ago when they were opening for Mayer Hawthorne. Inspired by their huge presence, strong energy and unique fusion of soul, blues, funk, and rock, she describes their sound like this: It rattles your soul a little bit.
It makes you want to dance, lets you firm up your position on something or how you feel about yourself.

Coming off their recent tour in Japan and showcase at SXSW, Lauren had a chance to connect with members of the band after Ryan messaged her through the app. She was amazed that of over 100 bands she favorited, they were the only ones that reached out!

In fact, nurturing community and connecting with fans is a huge priority for Roxy Roca and their grassroots approach to building a following.

On their Japanese tour, which they refer to as a “cultural explosion of the mind”, some of their favorite experiences were the all-night ramen shop after parties AFTER the after party at the club where you “get a table for like 20 people and it’s all served family style. Everybody just throws in money and they bring out giant beers and all this family-style food. You just pass it all around and it’s never like “this is mine, this is yours.” No one’s worried about that. It’s just like a bunch of ramen and a bunch of beer and a lot of smiles and laughs.”

Hailing from Austin, TX the Roxy Roca has grown and evolved since its inception in 2011. Building upon their first full-length album, Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy, and citing influences as diverse as Motown, jazz, Michael Jackson, Rick James, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, and Marvin Gaye, they plan to release People Rise Up later in 2018. The album was recorded at The Bubble in Austin with none other than Grammy Governor Chris “Frenchie” Smith (The Darkness, Toadies, Jet).

Recently, Roxy Roca released the first single off the album ,”Taurus”, complete with an complimentary music video and now available on all major streaming services. With the guidance of super-producer Smith, the new album features a grittier, edgier sound with hooky guitar riffs, funky backbeats, slammin’ horn lines, and lyrics of love, heartache, and a message that ‘happiness is a choice.’

What’s next for Roxy Roca?

Vocalist Taye Cannon says:

“You play this big show? And then you wake up the next morning, and you still going to have your coffee, still going to drive the van, still going to be with your brothers in the van. I really put the focus on enjoying that and the fact that it’s an adventurous lifestyle and that we get this opportunity to move people on daily basis and maybe bring them to the present moment and not so much thinking about their bills and other things that might be weighing them down you know? so I’m excited about the future. And I’m also trying not to be in the future.”

Roxy Roca is based in Austin, TX. Details and tour schedule at http://roxyroca.com

Connect with Roxy Roca on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Check out the new video for “Taurus” and more on YouTube.

Photos by Scott Saldinger



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