Sunrise and sunset are two of the most magical times of the day. As the warmth and light of the morning sun breaks through the coldest and darkest time of any day, it brings with it a new beginning.

be4tunatewww-4tunate-orgIt is life’s built-in reset button. A glorious–albeit fleeting–gift to each one of us. Each night we close our eyes on the happenings of one day and open them the next morning to a fresh start.

During each day you have approximately 57,600 seconds of conscious moments. In those seconds, you will make a multitude of decisions that will affect change positively or negatively. Lead to successes and failures. Cause you to experience joy and sorrow.

Sometimes, no matter the decisions we make or how much we try to accentuate the positive and greet every challenge with a smile, some days just suck.

img_6607On these days let the sun set on your troubles. As it dips below the horizon, bidding you farewell with his colorful splendor, know that it’s life’s way of saying, “Good Job! You survived today! Rest up & we’ll see you in the morning”

Settle into the evening with the knowledge that with each moment of darkness in our lives, is the promise of light that will come when we open our eyes to it.

And when the sun rises in the morning, do not dwell on yesterday’s struggles, but instead, appreciate the natural reset and say to yourself, “Today is a wonderful day. I have never seen this one before.” ~ Maya Angelou

~ Tracy Stayton ~

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