post-deepseadiver-2A small but dedicated crowd of fans bopped their heads to Deep Sea Diver and Radiation City last night at Wicker Park’s Subterranean music venue. The crowd was quietly friendly. Couples scooted closer together to let others slip by while walking through the crowd. Individuals moved their belonging or drinks out of the way of new comers to give everyone a little more room. People generally stuck to the two or threesome that they came with and didn’t mingle or chat with their concert neighbors.

The lead singer for the opening band, Deep Sea Diver, was feeling a bit under the weather. But, she was dedicated to giving the best performance she could. It was my first time seeing them perform live, so I don’t have a reference point, but to me, they sounded pretty great. She powered through until her voice was on the brink of giving out. She then gave the audience a few options: 1) The band could play songs from a different band a few of them are in, 2) The band could play instrumentals or maybe… 3) Someone wanted to sing for her? Oddly enough, a few hands shot up in the air and before not too long, a mix of 5 fans were on stage, singing lyrics to help the sick singer out. Pretty cool.

post-radcity-2Radiation City is a band that is newly on my radar, and I’m glad to have found them. The five-piece is anchored by two female singers and keyboardist on either side of the band. It was interesting to find out that the lead singer, Lizzy, had played her very first concert ten years prior at the very same venue. Her voice was sweetly powerful. It dipped down to low tones when needed and raged through emotional moments. Each member of the band brought a special music voice to the unit. They are a wonderfully different and beautiful band. If you haven’t already, check them out soon.

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