“People are addicted — like crack/cocaine addicted — to sugar. There is such a difference between a blueberry or an apple and refined crap sugar.” – Jessica Huffman

Coming off a recent juice cleanse and feeling awesome, Lauren caught up with Jessica Huffman of Nourish, Houston’s first cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar in Houston, TX.

In this episode, Jess shares her passion for juice, local business, and her experience with a hospital stay due to frostbite, where they were bringing her white bread and sugar juices during recovery. Hint: she had her friends sneak more natural foods in for her!

Jess started Nourish inspired by a desire to bring more natural, health and wellness solutions to Houston. Typical American daily diets are not giving us the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes we need for optimal health and we have a huge epidemic of what Jess calls “crap sugar” addiction. Add to that the way most foods are processed for grocery stores, chain juice bars and mass consumption with pasteurization or high pressure processing (HPP.) Both processes kill bacteria, but that means ALL bacteria is destroyed, which includes what we need for gut health.

The cold pressed method at Nourish extracts 3-5 times more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than any other method. Without the use of heat, and minimal oxidation, the final result is the cleanest, freshest, raw juice possible.

Jess names all the in-house juice and smoothie blends by the first thing that comes to her mind. Some house favorites include:

Ripped Monkey – organic homemade almond milk, banana, organic peanut butter, Primal Essentials grass-fed whey protein, raw organic cacao

Goji Bee – pineapple, orange, mango, banana, organic bee pollen, organic goji berries

Juan Carlos – spinach, pineapple, grape, cilantro, lime, organic flax oil
(hear the story of how this one got its name in the episode)

In addition to single serving juices and smoothies, Nourish offers 3, 5 and 7-day cleanses. A juice cleanse is when only fruit and vegetable juices are consumed for a limited amount of time to rid your body of harmful toxins. Your body spends the majority of its energy breaking down solid food. During a juice cleanse, your body devotes more energy into detoxing, while still providing your body the fuel it needs through juice. They offer 3 levels of intensity: Rookie, The Middle Child, and Hard Core.

Family owned and operated, Nourish now has 3 different locations and Jess has no plans to franchise. She prides herself in supporting local, independently owned business in the community.

Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar’s Montrose Location, 4th Ward – 1000 W Gray St, #200;  The Heights – 2155 Durham Dr; Rice Village – 5313 Morningside Dr, Houston, Texas.  http://www.nourishjb.com/

Connect with Nourish:

Instagram: @nourishjuicebartx

Twitter: @NourishJuiceHTX

Facebook: facebook.com/NourishHTX

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