My sister and I took our first trip to Tucson, Arizona to help set up a Halloween Haunted House for Nightmare on Congress, held at the historic Hotel Congress. We spent two days building a haunted house with Slobby Robby, local artist and good friend to my sister. The haunted house wound around and behind the stage and dropped you out right in the middle of the party. Pretty cool. We didn’t leave the hotel much, but Tucson is a neat spot. The restaurant at Hotel Congress was a pretty popular spot and lots of hip Tucson folks were constantly coming in and out. I’d like to visit again and see a little more of the city and explore the mountains, but overall, the trip was great. The hotel was so quirky, the people were spirited and the air was dry, dry, dry. Bring lots of water if you go. Here are a few shots from our adventure.

First time in a looooong time my sister and I have been on the same flight together!
Framed poster in our room from when the Shins played Hotel Congress.
Just classic. The phone works and goes directly to a switchboard. Yes, you heard me right.
From backstage at Club Congress with Daft Punk’d
Home for the next few days
Lots of fences to wrap with black plastic.
Maynard’s: An adorable market across the street from Hotel Congress with delicious food!
Sound rollin in
Stage build
Sound check
After two days of hard work, we’re ready for a night of spooky fun
Pretty in Pink Polka Dots
Nightmare on Congress
Life is like a box of chocolates
Strength for days
Silly string to end the night
Woke up to live music on our last day. Just beautiful.

Nightmare on Congress was by far the best Halloween party I’ve ever been to. It rivals Houston’s 2212 party with the amount of creativity that goes into the costumes, for sure. There were at least 5 bars, live music, $500 Halloween Costume Contest, Haunted House by EAT and so many amazing costumes. Check out pictures from one of the photographers from the night, Andrew Brown, to get a full view of the night.

Browse the Hotel Congress website and like them on facebook. Next time you’re in Tucson, I absolutely recommend you stay there. Just be on the lookout for ghosts.

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