If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I was roaming around ifest yesterday and most importantly, dancing my heart out to Los Amigos Invisibles with my two Los Amigos compadres. Freddy, Brian and I saw them last year together at the House of Blues and Brian and I saw them a couple years ago at ACL. Every time I see Los Amigos I am pumped full of energy and aching for more. They wove in some great, quick 4-8 bar covers from David Bowie to Technotronic’s “Pump Up the Jam” to Michael Jackson as intros into their own songs or transitions out of their own songs. The crowd loved it, me and my comprades included! I have seen these boys three times and I still can’t get over the level of energy that they bring to the crowd. Everyone around me was jumping up and down, clapping, screaming out their joy, singing out loud, dancing in groups, dancing in pairs, or getting their groove on solo style. 

I really hope you were able to see them during one of their two performances this weekend at ifest. If not, keep an eye out for the next time they come to town–you won’t regret it! Freddy, Brian and I were wandering around the festival after their show and Brian’s eagle eye spotted José Luis Pardo, the guitarist for Los Amigos, in the crowd. And like 3 good little fans, we quickly made our way over to him to say hello. José, or “Cheo,” was happy to chat with us and let us take a picture with him. I’ve thought of a 1000 things I wish I would have said or talked with him about (for instance, the fact that I too have lived in Venezuela), but at the end of the day, I’m just so happy I was able to meet him and express to him how much we love the Los Amigos sound and energy. Take a peek through the gallery from our day at ifest.

You still have one more weekend to make your way through the culture-soaked festival known as ifest. So, grab those tickets!

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