I can’t put into words how much I love this track. So I’ll borrow Lisa Brown’s:

Monika is a musical sensation in her native Greece, where she sold out shows and reached platinum status with her folk-pop records. But following a trip to Brooklyn’s iconic soul label Daptone Records, she’s taken on new territory for her third album Secret In The Dark, exploring the ’70s disco-pop era. Produced by the Dap-Kings’ Homer Steinweiss, the album has already churned out two twinkling art pop singles, and now the latest is the uptempo title track. “Secret In The Dark” is an authentic disco single to the max, nodding to the classics with an extremely funky bass line and operatic strings that were a staple to the genre. Monika’s emotionally charged hooks are accompanied by echoing harmonies that create an Abba-like sentiment, channeling the vocals of the era’s greatest dance queens. It’s a glittering remnant of New York City during its most gritty days with shimmering lights of the night. Listen below

Good God. Am I right?! Just an amazing blend of funk, old soul vibe, summers that never end, good times that turn into good nights and a bit of the unknown lurking around the corner. I. Love. This. Track.

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