This dance-pop-jammin duo fought through bus breakdowns, delays and more to make it to their show in Houston. And what did they find for them in Houston? A packed house of energized fans pressed against guard rails, ready to sing along. I was blown away by Matt & Kim’s energetic, dance-filled, hands-in-the-air, booty-shakin performance. Balloons and confetti were everywhere, Kim danced on the crowd’s hands, someone gave Kim a spur (only in Texas!), and the energy never fell. And to top it off, they walked off stage, hands in the air, to Kayne’s Mercy. Seriously one of the best and most musically diverse but still connected shows I have been to. Take a look here:

And to give you some extra goodness, I leave you with their music video to my favorite song:

Check out their website for videos, pictures, tour dates and contact info. Hit them up on facebook and twitter to say hello. And next time they come to your town, BUY A TICKET.

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