Back in June of this year, The Manichean presented the theatrical version of their new and upcoming cd, LOVERS, at the Alley Theatre. This intimate gathering of Houston’s local scene supporters and music lovers witnessed one of the most unique performances I have ever seen. I caught up with Justice Tirapelli-Jamail and Cory Sinclair of The Manichean to get their thoughts on the performance, just before their CD release party happening June 24th at Warehouse Live.

Lauren Ignited: How do you think people perceived the show prior to seeing it? Do you think they understood what they were going to be a part of?
Justice Tirapelli-Jamail  – I highly doubt that anyone not involved in the production knew what to expect. We let out little hints about certain aspects of what would be presented, as well as the people we would be collaborating with, but I don’t think anyone went into the show with a solid idea of what they would experience.
Cory Sinclair  – I feel as though we achieved the proper amount of subterfuge prior to people seeing it; those who chose to attend didn’t quite know what to expect but placed their faith in our abilities to achieve something truly unique.

LI: What did your band mates think of the idea?
JTJ – They were all very excited about it. Each and every one of us was constantly aware of the fact that no one has ever been able to do anything like this before. I believe that was a driving force in what made us all strive for perfection. Each member of the band took the performance as seriously as the next and I think that played a major part in how we were able to communicate everything effectively.
CS – They are the flesh of the whole “show.” We couldn’t do this without them.

LI: How closely connected are your experiences to the album itself?
CS – The experiences described on the album are the poetic interpretations of actual events that have occurred in my life. Every piece of fiction that I write has ties to my personal life, some more so than others. From a lyrical perspective, LOVERS is the most literal and revealing work that I have ever shared. I appreciate peppering the myths we create with vague imagery that is open to broad interpretation but for this, for LOVERS, I wanted to draw from my writings over the last ten years and keep that myth close to the heart and through the process, perhaps more accessible to others. I had to get this story out because it’s the story of different types of love in my youth, and I had to get past that so Justice and I could achieve greater things with more depth and meaning. You have to shed your influences sometimes; you have to shed your soul.

LI: Which song means the most to you from the album?
CS – In the way of casualties I love “Leopards.” In the way of pride then “The Gosling.” In the way of possibilities, “The Sparrow.”
JTJ – I can’t pick just one song to be my favorite. I know that’s a bit of a copout answer but it’s the truth. So there you go.


LI: What emotions did you have at intermission? Were you pleased with your performance?
CS – I was elated during intermission, but for however confident I am with everything that we do, I am equally self-critical under circumstances such as those.
JTJ – I felt like a kid. I was giddier than I can remember being in a long time and I just wanted to hug people. It wasn’t even over yet and I already felt this adolescent pride in what we had done. All at the same time we had to stay focused on the fact that we were only halfway through the whole thing. It was both the longest and shortest fifteen minutes of my life.

LI: Explain more about why the girl left with the Sparrow.
CS – In our fiction the Sparrow represents an internal understanding of what lies ahead. She leaves Him but is escorted by the Sparrow and then the memory of Her changes form after that. She returns and has her say during the song “Limerence,” and it’s painful but necessary. At that point someone’s life should be about harnessing memories for positive transformation, regardless of the pain.

Explain more about the line the Sparrow drew on your head.
CS – A symbol of transcendence, a mark for all to see and for the character of Him to wear.

LI: What do you want to say to everyone that attended?
CS & JTJ – We love you so much through kisses and cuts.

Catch them tomorrow night for their headlining set at Warehouse Live. Full line up includes: Bang Bangz, Mobley, Alkari, Night Drive, and Portal Walker Doors open at 8pm, tickets are $8 pre-sale or $10 at the door. You can expect the same amount of energy from The Manichean tomorrow night that you saw at the Alley Theatre: lots and lots. Check out the facebook invite and catch them on twitter @themanichean before the show for updates and love.

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