Kam Franklin, lead singer for the 8-piece gulf coast soul band The Suffers of Houston, TX, came on the Lauren Ignited podcast to share a few stories from the past three years. You see, three years ago, the entire band (which was 10 people at the time) all quit their day jobs to follow this singular dream of taking The Suffers to the next level.

Since leaving their jobs, they have played on the David Letterman Show, The Daily Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and they have toured to Australia and Japan. They are currently on tour all around the United States.

This July, the band will be releasing their second full-length album on July 13th, on Houston Day, if you’re from Houston. (713 is one of the oldest area codes for the Houston area.) Leading up to the album release, they have shared “Do Whatever” and, soon, “Mammas” both which have music videos to accompany them. I was lucky enough to be included, with my Mother, in the “Mammas” video and I can’t wait to see it.

Kam also answered questions from fans on Twitter who tweeted into the show prior to airing. You’re definitely going to want to hear these answers!

You can connect with Kam on Twitter at @KamFranklin. You can view The Suffers tour schedule on www.TheSuffers.com. Connect with Lauren and the show on TwitterInstagram or Facebook. Connect with the co-host of the show Greg Perrine on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Download or stream their latest single, “Mammas.” Purchase tickets to their album release party on July 13th (aka Houston Day).



Photo cred: Greg Noire.

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