I caught up with Houston locals, JERK and their multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith to learn more about the inspiration for their latest EP and their Texas roots. Be sure to check out their set at Houston’s premiere festival: Day for Night, happening December 17th and 18th, 2016.

Lauren Ignited:What was your biggest influence or inspiration for this EP?
Austin Smith: ABBA slowed down about 20-30%.

LI:What is your favorite Houston-based restaurant?
AS: James Coney Island is my absolute favorite.


LI: What Houston-based artists have paved the path for
AS: The Geto Boys, ZZ Top and Destiny’s Child.

LI: What bands have influenced your musical style?


LI: Could you share some insight into why you wrote each song?
AS: The project is focused on all aspects of being a jerk. Everybody everywhere is a jerk sometimes… and somebody somewhere is a jerk all the time. It’s is a topic we have a lot of experience with and many things to say about. Inward and outward; upsides and downsides. Although, there aren’t many upsides.


LI: What do you love most about Houston?
AS: There are many reasons why we love Houston, saying one is more important than the other would be unfair.  Having said that, Houston is known all around the world for how sultry it is… I think. If that isn’t in the wiki it definitely should be.

Connect with Jerk on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See them at Day for Night in Houston!

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