This Saturday, the Red Bull BC One North American Finals are coming to Houston. Come check out the best bboys on the continent as they compete for a chance to represent North America in the World Finals in Seoul. I caught up with Jeremy, a competitor from Houston who is determined to be the ONE chose to fly to Seoul.

468164_377326595689993_124651968_oLauren Ignited: Tell me about your journey to this competition
Jeremy: My journey in this dance began when I was about 10 years old. This was around the time when I first started listening to hip-hop music. I remember riding to basketball practice and listening to the Digable Planet’s album “REACHIN'” on every ride there. I like to mark this as the beginning of my dance career, because even though this is not when I first started dancing, this is when I first starting getting musically inclined. My brother (BBOY PALMER) started breakin’ when I was about 12, and for two years I observed and soaked in the footage he would watch, and the practice he would put in at our home. At 14, I attended my first jam (BBOY HODOWN), and got the witness for the first time the live, raw energy and expression of breakin’. I then understood why my brother danced, and made it a point to put in the work to become a bboy. Under the teaching of my brother and my now crew, HaviKORO, I’ve been blessed to have found this dance and have been presented amazing opportunites to travel, teach, and compete with this dance. Being invited to particpate in the RED BULL BC ONE USA Finals is one of those opportunities!

LI: How do you train for this?
J: I don’t train specifically for any one event. I like to keep a consistent training schedule in order to be prepared for anything, anywhere. With the spontaneity of breakin’ and hip-hop, you never know when your going to have to put your skills on the line. Having this mentality allows me to be prepared in any situation.

251130_348339788588674_603910007_nLI: When did you start dancing?
J: I started at the age of 14. I’ve been breaking for almost 8 years now. Funny thing is I use to tease my brother, who is now my teacher and crew member, and say “Why are you dancing, that’s for girls!” I was young and naive, and had a bit of a “try to not be like my brother” mentality. Luckily I opened up, and am now proud to have been inspired by my brother to become a dancer.

LI: What inspired you to dance
J: Before I danced I didn’t have a drop of artistry in me. I’ve always loved the music, but being young and close minded I never took the liberty of expressing myself in any way. I played basketball before I started breakin, and that was about it. Attending a jam for the first time and witnessing all the different characters, styles, and exchanges of this dance really opened my eyes. Now I am inspired by my teachers, my crew, HaviKORO. I’ve used these teachings and have been blessed to teach full-time at Break Free Community Center, ran by my crew-mate and close friend Moy Rivas. I have about 30-40 students from ages 5+ that come and build with Moy, I, and eachother on a weekly basis. They are one my biggest sources of motivation and inspiration!

222631_100275220061800_7713651_nLI: What will it feel like to represent Houston and North America, in Seoul?
J: I love putting my rep on the line, whatever setting it may be. It’d be very satisfying to take it all the way to Seoul for the finals and show the world what HaviKORO, Houston, and the USA is all about. 🙂

Check out the competition this Saturday at Warehouse Live for $10. Connect with Red Bull on the webfacebookTwitter @RedBullBCOne, and Instagram. Photo credits: Jeremy HaviKORO and Little Shao.


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