There are a lot of really great people in Houston doing really great things. And they need a little help from you. Every donation helps; any amount helps. Can you help?

Break Free Community Center, focused on teaching the next generation of BBOYs and BGIRLS

breakfreeRemember last weekend’s BBOY competition that featured Houston’s local crew HaviKORO? One of the competitors for the Red Bull BC One North American Finalist title and member of HaviKORO is also heavily involved with the Break Free Community Center, which serves as a safe place for kids and children to get great exercise by learning how to break dance while simultaneously learning great life skills such as team building, compassion and leadership. They are asking for help raising money to upgrade the infrastructure of the building such as cracked floors and doors that don’t sit in the frame correctly. These costs add up quickly. Can you help? $10 will help.

Still not sure if you should help? Well…ask yourself if you can do what this little girl can do. 🙂

Keep Calm // Fight Cancer, helping one of the most influential members of the Houston Music Community fight stage 4 cancer

Keep Calm Fight Cancer _ Sept 6-8 _ Pam Robinson BenefitAnother really amazing person creating waves in our Houston community, is currently being affected by stage 4 cancer and there is a gofundme to help her with her costly chemotherapy bills. You can also help by attending the Keep Calm // Fight Cancer 3 day concert happening September 6th, 7th, and 8th with a suggested donation of $10 at the door.

In short, these are just two really great examples of Houstonians that are doing good and need some help. I hope you can donate and help spread the word. Images property of the organizations featured. #SLGT

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