This year, I ventured to Fun Fun Fun Fest for the first time. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, except that I had heard it was smaller than most festivals. And that sounded perfect to me. The fest had 4 colored stages: Yellow, Orange, Blue and Black. They weren’t sponsored, which I thought was cool. And there were no big screens to show you what was going on on stage, because you could get close enough to the stage to see the bands. Pretty awesome. Relive it or take a peek at my weekend through my snaps:

Icono Pop
Icono Pop
Penguin Prison
Penguin Prison
Fun times 3
Just Adorable
My festival buddy, Marisa, and I. Love this girl!


Day 2: Tecate added to the PIP beer options! Hoorah!
Anamanaguchi – an 8bit wonder
Any fan of Rugrats is a friend of mine
Class Actress
Girl Talk #StraightJammin
Sunday Sailing
Festin’ with my buddy, Greg
Marisa and I again. We are happy girls.


The Octopus Project
Making New Friends
Fun Fest Bean Bags
This lovely lady has spotted me first at two festivals this year! Lollapalooza and FunFunFunFest! I’m determined to spot her first at the next one!!


De La Soul

Keep up with Fun Fun Fun Fest by visiting their website, facebook, twitter or instagram. Or cruise their site for great fan photos like this lucky B who met Ryan Gosling at #funfunfunfest. Who’s job was it to tell me Ryan Gosling was there?! You’re fired. Ok, maybe it was no one’s job. But, a tip off woulda been swell! I’m already imagining my version of a #funfunfunfest ‘Hey Girl’!

Overall, the fest was really great. There were some sound issues here and there that were frustrating. So, I’m sure they will fix those next year, just like they quickly remedied the beer situation in the PIP areas. I adored the messages they sent us all weekend like the hilarious Friday night drunk text, “Hey girl can I com over? I been drinkin about you. Hollr”  followed by morning after message saying, “Umm…I think I may have texted all of FFF last night. Sorry about that – things got weird. Round 2, Let Us Fest.” And the super sweet Monday message: “Miss You” which spawned a number of tweetbacks to the fest. Fun Fun Fun Fest felt like a giant block party by the river. Join me next year to see just what I mean.

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