Fiending  for another badge? Well, grab your crown and check-in at Firkin & Pheonix on April 16th for Houston’s Foursquare Day! Be one of the first 250 people to arrive at the celebration and you’ll be awarded with not only the Super Swarm badge but also a free shot of Crown Royal! The prizes and swag will continue all night long and by utilizing snoball, each check-in will help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Houston. Frosted Betty Cupcakes, Good Dog Hot Dogs and Oh My Gogi! food trucks will be there with tasty choices for dinner and desert. Be sure to RSVP to the official Meetup and get ready for a fun day full of of Foursquare specials from businesses, no doubt some clever tweets and a party designed specifically for the Foursquare Fans of Houston!

Foursquare Day Houston: facebook, twitter, meetup, web.

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