Happy to share that this week’s #FridayFinds are the words of @Listenyoungman. This dude is cool to have around.


Sometimes I get the urge to put on my darkest vintage sunglasses & climb into a two-tone 1961 Ford F-100 pickup to just drive off into the desert. Windows down, radio loud, sipping RC Cola spiked with a tiny bit of whiskey, I drive into wide open nothingness. The wind whips the sleeve of my worn chambray shirt waking me from this fantasy and making me realize I’ll never be that dang cool. The good news is that I can play Cass McCombs’s song “County Line” inside my practical hatchback and get lost. The song just smells of unrequited love, forgiveness and long diesel-soaked highways (yes, forgiveness has a smell) Cass McCombs’s music swirls with warm tones, quiet humor and a feeling that if we all just chilled out and read books in the back of a bar things would be better. McCombs’s reserved voice washes over wobbly pedal steel guitar riffs and gently patted congas in “Morning Star” from his latest album Big Wheel and Others. Who knew that a song about Satan could feel this summery and light? This latest effort contains a little of everything: love songs, clips from a 1960’s documentary about a child raised by hippies and beautiful guest vocals from the late actress Karen Black (Easy Rider, The Great Gatsby and Hitchcock’s Family Plot)

It’s totally fair to say that the imagery McCombs packs into many of his songs will take more than a single listen to appreciate. To me, that’s what makes this music compelling. I’m a fan of songwriters that spend too much time reading books and getting their hearts broken to worry about editing down thoughts into a slick product…storytellers, lovers and ramblers. That being said, Cass McCombs does have the ability to focus and write simply terrific love songs as shown on “Dreams Come True Girl” from his 2009 release Catacombs. The sweet sentimentality of the song reminds me of the simple love songs of 1950’s. McCombs sings, “You’re not my dream girl. You’re not my reality girl. You’re my dreams come true girl…” and every heart melts.
If you’ve never listened to Cass McCombs the good news is that there are 7 albums and 1 EP to listen to before you see him at Fitzgerald’s with Meat Puppets on Friday, November 7.


Big thanks to Daniel! Always great to have him on the blog.

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