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Bob Marley and ‘Family Man’. Photo Credit:

Bob Marley fans, surely you are Wailers fans as well. Aston “Family Man” Barrett, the bass player that co-wrote and produced multiple songs with Bob Marley, is carrying on their message as leader of the Wailers. The Wailers tour nearly year round, playing well over 200 shows each year. They are hard at work delivering Bob Marley’s Reggae music message to crowds of thousands nearly each night. I’ve been blessed to have had the chance to see multiple Wailers shows this summer and one thing that is always the same is the reactions in the crowd. You can see the love for the music and the impact of the message in the faces of the fans. Every. Time. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Wailers performing at Reggae Fest, 2013. Photo Credit:
Wailers performing at Reggae Fest, 2013. Photo Credit:

Over Labor Day weekend, I flew into Arizona to see the Wailers perform with Tribal Seeds and the legendary London-based reggae band Steel Pulse and was introduced to Yvad by Drummie Zeb, the drummer for the Wailers. Yvad is a singer with the Wailers. Yvad and I chatted for a bit about his work with the band and back in Jamaica. Yvad spends about 30% of the year on tour with the Wailers. Outside of that, he is heavily involved in recording and releasing his self-produced solo album in Jamaica at Tuff Gong Studios. His recent records include “The Sojourner” (2011) and “Justice” (2012).

So, this weeks Friday Find comes with a bonus Lauren Ignited interview with the artist. Check out what Yvad has to say about the heaviness of the lineup and the lineage of the bands that are involved, as well as what Reggae music means to him.

Connect with Yvad on twitter, facebook, soundcloud, reverbnation and the web. Catch up with the Wailers on twitter, facebook and the web.

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