This dreamy, indie, folksy, kinda pop-y music will have you ready to get under the covers and enjoy the rain as it delicately lands on the roof and slides down the windows or …it will make you want to grab your crush and dance together in  a crowd of fans. 17 year old Australian Tim Bettinson, who goes by Vancouver Sleep Clinic, is a one man show of mellow moods and beautiful sounds. And great news, he will be in Houston on March 17th with London Grammar.

Do you have a band that you want that you think is #FridayFinds material? Send ’em my way! This one came from one of my favorite members of the #IgnitedFam, Mike H. Shoutout to Mike for his fantastic music taste!

Connect with Vancouver Sleep Clinic on soundcloud, twitter and facebook. Grab your tickets to the show now, you know you’re gonna want to go! Photo via

What’s #FridayFinds? Every Friday, I post new albums from artists we all love, or new artists that maybe we don’t know yet. Expand your music library and maybe even learn more about the artists that you live in the city you’re from.

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