somebodys darlingThis week, Dallas-based Somebody’s Darling released their new album Adult Roommates. They have been touring this summer and aren’t stopping any time soon. I had a chance to say hello to them last time they were in Houston and recently grabbed some of Amber Farris’ time (lead vocals and guitar) to learn a little more about the band. They had an album release party in late August and added Houston favorites The Suffers to the bill. So, you know that was one hell of a party. Get to know Somebody’s Darling, pick up their fresh new album and see them at Dosey Doe on October 9th.

Lauren Ignited: What would you say is the band’s biggest binding force? 

Amber Farris: I honestly think it’s our ability to get along. We’ve been in a band for awhile now and it’s pretty remarkable we have not ripped each other’s faces off. We tour in a 15 passenger van halfgear/half humans. 3 weeks out can get rough but we really have a great time. This allows us to keep the positive energy going while we write, record, and practice. It works.

– What is your best memory from the album release party? 

For me and I cannot speak for the rest of the guys but it was during our encore. The roar of the crowd was so powerful it gave me goosebumps. I couldn’t help but have a huge grin on my face from ear to ear. It’s why we do this. For that one moment.

– How did you select the bands to play the release party with you? 

We actually had a hard time with this. Of course we want our buddy’s to play and be there with us but this time we tried something different. We had a wonderful musician, Wesley Geiger open the set. He plays acoustic and we just thought that was a good vibe to get the night going. After that The Suffers based out of Houston, Tx got the party started. Even though it’s a different style of music, we really liked the idea of a female fronted band being direct support. The Suffers are so amazing and to be honest it was a tough act to follow but it had the crowd going and me on my toes. Check those guys out!

– Did you see any similarities between the bands/band dynamic since both you and The Suffers are mostly dudes with one girl? 

No I really don’t think that matters. This is a mans business for sure but when you have talented woman like Kam Franklin fronting an all male band it really doesn’t matter It’s just about good music. I think people see that in us as well.


– What is the best memory from recording and producing the album? 

Seeing all these songs we’ve been working on become part of a piece of art. They really don’t see there true potential till you’re in that play back booth and all is revealed. A lot changes happen during the studio and working with Matt Pence and Beau Bedford really helped out with that process.

– You are getting a lot of really great press. how are you receiving that? are you envisioning big things in the months, year, years to come? 

We always are envisioning big things! Once you stop that. Game over.
So there you have it. Now you know a little more about our friends Somebody’s Darling over in Dallas. Take a listen to the album and support Somebody’s Darling! They are fantastic and I hope to see them again very soon!

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