One of the greatest things about writing a music blog is making friends with other music fanatics. One of my most loyal fans, Mike H (who’s been credited on Lauren Ignited a couple of times already) asked to contribute to my Friday Finds column and I couldn’t be more excited to share his first post with you!


Happy Friday, everyone! Lauren was gracious enough to let me hijack this week’s #FridayFinds and I promise that this band will take you back to those awkward middle school make outs… in the best possible way. I stumbled upon Shy Girls about a year ago, in a “happy Soundcloud accident” kind of way. I was instantly hooked by their chilled-out retro R&B beats and incredible vocals of lead singer Dan Vidmar. That first song in question was “Still not falling,” which delivers the memorable line “I’m not an athlete I sit at home and make beats.” But once I took a listen to “Second Heartbeat,” that was it–I was immediately transported back to my nerdy 13 year-old self, braces and all, terrified of my first kiss (I’m nostalgic today… bear with me):

Since then, this Portland outfit (yes…PORTLAND!) released an amazing EP called Timeshare and landed the opening spot for the HAIM tour. I was fortunate enough to chat with these guys when they were in Houston and they couldn’t been nicer or more appreciative of their fans. They are ready to embark on their solo tour this fall, starting with a coveted spot at this weekend’s Lollapalooza Festival.

Check out their new song “All for show” showcased in the amazing Red Bull Sound Select compilation:

A big thank you to Lauren Ignited!

– Mike H.


And a big thank you to Mike H! If you’re interested in guest blogging, let me know and we can work something out!

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