This week’s Friday Find is Saint Raymond from Nottingham, UK. A friend of Lauren Ignited passed along the name and with most recommendations I receive, I loved this dude’s sound! If you do a quick google search on this guy (his real name is Callum Burrows), you’ll see that he’s been named repeatedly in the “New Band of the Day”, “New Music” type categories. And, he just recently toured with Haim and is set to open for Ed Sheeran in October. Yeah. Take a listen. You’re gonna be hearing his name a lot more.

Connect with Saint Raymond on facebook, twitter, instagram and soundcloud.

What’s a #FridayFind? Every Friday, I post new albums from artists we all love, or new artists that maybe we don’t know yet. Expand your music library and maybe even learn more about the artists that live in the city you’re from.

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