If you haven’t heard the psychedelic-surfer-rock-indie goodness that is SACCO, then let me help you. SACCO is comprised of Andy Breihan (guitar, bass, vocals), John Frederick (guitar, bass, vocals, keys), and Chris Trombley (drums). This team of three started as a team of two (John & Andy) as far back as preschool (seriously). Some of their early memories together include John biting Andy so hard on his face that he drew blood. …And from then on, they were best buds. (Ok, maybe not quite like that, but Andy didn’t let it phase him, obviously.) SACCO recently released their debut self-titled album, and are currently on tour with UK’s Band of Skulls. Andy and John have played in bands together since their high school days and most recently were a part of the Guards, before really breaking off to get SACCO going.

I had a chance to chat with Andy of SACCO and decided to ask him a bunch of random questions. He seems to be a pretty laid back guy, who really enjoys playing music and gigging with talented dudes. And Judging by the surprised and delighted laughs he gave after each question I asked, I think he dug the weird questions. Here’s what we talked about:

Lauren Ignited: You recently released a double song music video. It’s a pretty cool concept, with the story line following through “Carnival Ghost” and “Driving.” Who came up with that idea?
Andy Breihan: John came up with the concept of the videos. We liked the idea of having a story line versus a traditional music video. We don’t love the idea of being in music videos so it was better to have a video with a story line in it.

Lauren: So, we know Chris is the new guy. Is he holding up his part of the deal?
Andy: Yeah, it’s working out really well. From the first try out / practice we had with him, we knew we wanted to have him in the project.

Lauren: If you could pick an artist to record with, living or dead, who would it be?
Andy: Hmm..I’d have to say The Zombies or The Kinks in their hey days.

SACCOLauren: What’s your favorite cartoon?
Andy: Ha, growing up it was definitely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now a days, South Park is good.

Lauren: If a sitcom could summarize SACCO, which would it be?
Andy: I’m not really sure why, but I think it would be Seinfeld. We all definitely really like Seinfeld.

Lauren: This stop in Houston on May 13th isn’t your first one. You’ve played Houston before and last time through you played Fitzgerald’s. What did you think about the venue?
Andy: We always like playing Texas. Everyone seems pretty into music down there, whether they know you or not. It’s always been good down there.

 So, there you have it. Now you know his favorite cartoon and can start trying to guess who’s the Kramer of the group when you catch them opening for Band of Skulls at Warehouse Live next Tuesday, May 13th. (You’re welcome.) But, in all seriousness, these dudes are great, their music is fantastic and you shouldn’t miss the show. Grab tickets to see SACCO here.

Connect with SACCO on facebooktwitterinstagram and bandcamp. Photo credit: Allister Ann and William Kaner.

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