For this week’s Friday Finds, I introduce you to Painted Palms.

Their first release, Canopy, was discovered by Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal which lead to a touring opportunity with the band. Their first full length album, Forever, was written based on a style of communication the boys honed after years of living in different states. Sending bits and pieces of songs back and forth over email and such until they were just the way they liked them. Ah, the wonders of the internet. But, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from listening to the album. It is permeated with blissfully buoyant tracks like “Here It Comes” and “Forever,” which glide smoothly on a foundation of instantly memorable melodies. Elsewhere, touches of Painted Palms’ most prominent influences — ’60s psych pop paired with modern electronic production — are clearly evident, as on the dark and driving hooks that propel lead single “Spinning Signs.”

You can catch them in Houston on Tuesday, June 10th at Fitzgerald’s.

Connect with Painted Palms on facebook, twitter and bandcamp. Photo cred: Andy DeSantis20140606-091438-33278775.jpg

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