One of the Ignited team members, @listenyoungman, is back with a guest post for this week’s Friday Finds! You’re really going to love this one. Check it out!


I live seven miles from my job. If I drive slowly enough, the last song from Joyce Manor’s latest album will play as I pull into the driveway. At just nineteen minutes long, Never Hungover Again is probably the easiest album I’ve listened to this year. It’ll be easier to dig this band if you like to slather your pop biscuits with punk gravy. There’s definitely attitude and maybe even anger in the delivery. However, it could be because the lead singer was too busy writing songs to pay attention to his girlfriend & she decided to leave him for a drummer. It’s always those dang drummers! The songs on this album are catchy and well put together with just enough noodling guitar feedback for you to curl your lip and snarl.

Songs about swimming pools, tattoos, summer and losing your love to the United States government….SOLD! The bouncing bass lines and anthemic yells in a song like “Victoria” make the live show ripe for crowd participation. Watch this video of an older show you’ll see what I mean.

This is Joyce Manor’s third album and easily their most well rounded. However, I still love the band’s previous self-titled release (available to sample on Bandcamp). The song “Beach Community” stomps on the cracked, dried out bones of Weezer and holds up a femur while yelling “EVERYTHING REMINDS ME OF YOOOOOOU!”  My suggestion is to turn this band up loud, drink more beer than you should and read old love letters from ex-girlfriends.

Connect with Joyce Manor on facebook and twitter. Joyce Manor will be playing Walters Downtown with The Exquisites on September 26th.

@listenyoungmanBig Thanks to Daniel, aka @listenyoungman for his #FridayFinds write up. You can catch him behind a camera at concerts all over Houston. If you see him, say hello to him!

What’s #FridayFinds? Every Friday, I (or guest bloggers) post new albums from artists we all love, or new artists that maybe we don’t know yet. Expand your music library and maybe even learn more about the artists that you live in the city you’re from.

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