heywardHeyward Howkins is on the cusp of releasing his next album, “Be Frank, Furness,” just about a year after his debut album, “The Hale and Hearty.” Talk about quick work. I loved his first release and this one is no different. And for all the vinyl heads out there. You’re in luck. You can pre-order it, but hurry…because it’s on limited quantity. Your pre-order will secure you one of the 200 limited edition vinyl records, as well as two digital downloads and a digital copy of the record once it’s released on November 5th.

Connect with Heyward on facebooktwitter and bandcamp. Pick up your very own copy of The Hale & Hearty and Be Frank, Furness for less than what you paid for lunch yesterday.

What’s #FridayFinds? Every Friday, I post new albums from artists we all love, or new artists that maybe we don’t know yet. Expand your music library and maybe even learn more about the artists that you live in the city you’re from.


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