This week’s Friday Find is brought to you by another close friend of! Mr. Daniel Jackson, also known as @listenyoungman on twitter and instagram, is an incredible music photographer and overall great dude. You’ll often find him snapping shots of The Suffers at concerts, in the studio and just for the heck of it. He and I talk music a lot, so we thought it would be fun for him to write up a Friday Find! Enjoy!


Thao and The Get Down Stay Down, credit Lauren TabakThao and The Get Down Stay Down bring elements of folk rock to the party without forgetting to ice down the keg with experimental noise and world music. This band is smart, charming and fun as all heckfire. One of the best things about the band’s latest release We The Common, are the rough edges. For me, those edges are magic and near perfect. I find myself yelling along to one part of the song Move where midway through Thao yell-sings “TO BE FREE” over the din of purposefully off-kilter strings and horns. If you can listen to the title track We The Common and not get those woo-hoo-ah-hoo-ah-hoos stuck in your head afterwards, you may be a demon robot.


Influences range from the Talking Heads to traditional Chinese music, making this album arguably the band’s strongest release to date. Dig into Thao Nguyen’s back catalog and you’ll find lots of great stuff including a collaboration with soulful singer Mirah & a terrific cover of Yo La Tengo’s You Can Have It All that will make you sweat.

The band will be at Fitzgerald’s with The Wheel Workers on Wednesday August 13th get your buns there & dance.

Connect with Thao and The Get Down Stay Down on twitter, facebook and instagram

@listenyoungmanBig Thanks to Daniel, aka @listenyoungman for his #FridayFinds write up. You can catch him behind a camera at concerts all over Houston. If you see him, say hello to him!

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