Currently on tour, UME made a stop through Free Press Summer Fest for a punk driven and electrofying yet sweet sounding set. They have played their fair share of festivals and shared the stage with the likes of Mission of Berma, Cursive and The Meat Puppets. When asked what it was like to meet and play alongside great acts and innovators of punk, they mentioned first how down to earth and nice they all were and that “they are regular people, they just work their butts off.” Which, maybe for a punk band, that’s a little big of an image ruiner, but if that’s not the case, I have to mention how sweet and nice UME was as well.

I asked them how FPSF compares to the countless festivals they have played as a band and their reaction was wonderful. “It’s really cool that Houston has a festival like this. It feels very independent and the growth from putting on shows to building an entire festival is great to see.”

So what’s next for UME? They are continuing their tour with The Life and Times, then the Toadies and the Helmet, then jaunting off to Europe and then taking a bit of a break to recover.


Check out UME on their website and connect with them on twitter, facebook and bandcamp.

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