Houston’s own, The Tontons, played Free Press Summer Fest Sunday afternoon to an adoring crowd. Unlike many of the touring bands, The Tontons had the chance to soak up the festival for both days and really explore and enjoy it. The caught Snoop Dogg, The Flying Guillotines and The Flaming Lips. Seeing The Flaming Lips was a big experience for Asli, lead singer of The Tontons: “I look up to them and the level of positivity they bring to their music.”

The Tontons are currently working on releasing 7inch tracks from their work-in-progress, upcoming album. Releasing an album takes a lot of energy, time, editing, and more. So, The Tontons are taking a different approach with this album, and a really great one, if I may say so myself. The entire band is taking a month long retreat to a ranch to isolate themselves from distractions and focus on their album. They will write, rehearse, and hash out all the details surrounded by nature, soaked in inspiration and creativity. Hopefully they’ll take a photo shoot or two while they are up there too!

We chatted a bit about the Houston music scene and I asked them how it felt to be a part of the music community. All the Houston bands I have met are composed of people I am proud to know. I was curious if there was any behind the scenes nonsense or rivalries that The Tontons had come across and I was happy to know that is not the case. “There is not really a lot of competition that I see. We support other bands and they support us.” Houston has a great music scene and The Tontons are certainly an integral part of that scene. Check them out the next time you can; I’m sure you’ll love them.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F4rUN0tswU]

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