Putting together your list for FPSF and checking it twice? Well, make sure Wrestlers is front and center. This Houston-based DJ Duo have been making waves all over the US, working with Red Bull Sound Select and showing their home city some love.

I had a chance to chat with them about a few things; here’s what they had to say:

Lauren Ignited: So, it’s certainly crossed my mind, and I’m sure lots of others. Why the name change?
Aidan Kennedy: Unfortunately, we had a small legal dispute with another band that shared our former name “Bagheera.” It ended up being in our best interest to change names, so that was the course of action that we took.

L: Ah, understandable. So, tell me, what do you think of the Houston house music scene?
A: The Houston house music scene is definitely intimate, but strong nonetheless. It keeps growing though, which is the most important part.

L: Well said. What are your thoughts on the passing of Frankie Knuckles?
A: The passing of Frankie Knuckles was truly tragic. David and I actually had the opportunity to see him play last October.  It was one of those nights where the whole club had it’s own energy. It was amazing. It’s always a bummer when such a hero leaves this world, but we’re just thankful that we had Frankie in the first place.


Who are a few of your favorite artists from previous decades?
A: Always Prince. Always Whitney Houston. Always Janet Jackson.

L:  How has the Red Bull Sound Select experience been? What’s next on the Red Bull front?
A:  Red Bull Sound Select has given us so many great opportunities. It’s an amazing program that any artist would be privileged to be included in.  We’re going into the studio this summer to record our next EP, and we’ve got some really great surprises in stock.

L: Well, I can’t wait for those! So, You’ve played some pretty incredible festivals, and alongside some great acts. Who’s on your shortlist for which festivals you’d like to play next?
A:  Coachella and Bonnaroo would be awesome. However, we’re super happy with everything we’ve done so far. Wouldn’t mind getting into the European festival circuit though!

WrestlersMusicL:  Nice. What artist would you like to collaborate with? Or are you planning to collaborate with?
A:  We’ve got some pretty heavy collabs in the works for our next EP, but we aren’t quite ready to share yet. Keep. Your. Eyes. Peeled.

L:  Will Houston always be home?
A:  We are from Houston, and we will never ever be from anywhere else.

L:  Who are you most excited to see at FPSF?
A:  The lovely Ms. Lauryn Hill of course!

L:  What’s your favorite thing about the Houston music scene?
A: My favorite thing about the Houston music scene is how supportive the bands are of each other. There’s a fantastic sense of camaraderie that I think is pretty unique.

Rock on. I love chatting with our local artists. Because more often than not, they turn out just like this. Full of gratefulness, drive, creativity and secrets they can’t wait to share. Put Houston UP!

Wrestlers play FPSF at Noon on Sunday at the Mars stage. You can also catch a special birthday set from Adian on Friday at The Flat. Where he will be playing lots and lots of Janet Jackson.

Connect with Wrestlers on facebooksoundcloud and instagram. Photo cred: Wrestlers Music.

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