ETE-FlagEl Ten Eleven, the power duo from California, is currently on tour with a drumset, doubleneck guitar/bass and about a gajillion pedals. (Ok, maaaybe not that many. But, it’s a lot.)

For our Houston homebase, they will be playing Fitzgerald’s this Saturday night with openers, Ishii and Boyfrndz. Tickets are just $15. Grab yours and meet me at the show!

The guys and I held a quick Google Hangout to talk about their tour, life on the road, the album art and flying helicopters. Check out the interview, share it with your friends, leave comments, tell me to stop laughing so much (or tell me it’s adorable and you want more of it), and most importantly, grab your ticket to the show this Saturday. Just like every other show I plug on the blog, you don’t want to miss this one. I only pick the good ones!

Connect with them on the web, facebook and twitter. Grab a copy of their latest album, Transitions, here. Get your tickets to the show, here.


Image courtesy of El Ten Eleven.

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