DisclosureDisclosure, a duo of brothers from the UK, came to Warehouse Live this Wednesday night for a killer set of live pa house music. The hype was unreal! The show sold out, forcing many people to scramble last minute to find tickets online, find someone with an extra ticket or desperately try to connect with someone with access to tickets. I was in that scramble! And I was lucky enough to be contacted by a friend who was willing to share.

Around 2pm on Wednesday, facebook lit up with Disclosure related status updates ranging from excitement and roll calls to lyrics and requests for tickets. Despite the push in start time, (from 8pm to 11pm) Houston was showing up to this one. In a big way. And sure enough, when I walked up to Warehouse Live, there was a line around the building. The ballroom was full, the dance floor was bumpin and the crowd was hyped. My crew found a spot in front of the sound booth which gave me the opportunity to watch the lighting engineer (and cleverly hang our coats over the guard rail for our own version of Coat Check). His focus was both intense and casual as if to say, “Yup. Business as usual. Isn’t my job badass?” Watching him push a tiny lever in time with the bass drum beat, that created megawatts of power blazing from the light rig on stage was mesmerizing. Disclosure get the energy moving and knocked out hit after hit with happy fans singing along.

I hope you were able to attend the concert. If not, I hope you will venture out to see them next time they are nearby. Relive the show or get a feel for what you missed with a few videos I captured during the set.

Disclosure, Warehouse Live Disclosure, Warehouse Live Disclosure, Warehouse Live Disclosure, Warehouse Live

For videos from the night, visit my Instagram page.

Check out Disclosure on the webfacebooksoundcloudinstagramYouTube and twitter. Disclosure Photo cred: Disclosure. Event Coverage Cred: Lauren Ignited.


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