PapertwinPapertwin is Max Decker, Francis Cardinale, and Nick Shopa. Longtime friends, who before forming the band have run the gamete on vocations (and at times still do) such as Landscape Painters, Valets, Piano Tuners, Tailors and Popcorn Poppers. The trio hails from Brooklyn, New York and has made multiple records together.

Ultravox, Joy Division, early Cure: Papertwin has done their hardcore listening, classic electronica and Synthpop homework! Self-recorded in their New York apartment, with mixing by Abe Seiferth (Yeasayer and DFA Studios) and mastering by Heba Kadry (Neon Indian and Beach House) this melting pot of sheer bent captures a perfect musical marriage exposing the band’s uniquely beautiful talent.

The intro of “Tongue in Cheek” begins with a subtle tinkling of the classic high end of the keyboard, followed by a lone electronic snare that sets the meditative heartbeat rhythm thereafter. Max Decker’s dreamlike, made for the genre descant, arrives a few bars later and only serves to strengthen the hypnotic 4 minute & 55-second long first track on this their 4th EP. As track 2, “The sheets are made of skin and my skin is cloth,” slides into place, I have to look at my phone to see if the first song is still on. The mix is seamless. Track 3 “The Pool” begins and my music-snob 17-year-old daughter walks into the room, “Is that Depeche Mode?” she asks. Job done, fellas! Abe Siefirth mixes the EP with notable precision. He makes them sound larger than life, while also serving the ultimate purpose of getting each skilled and powerful hymn contained in this moreish collection in a tracking order that makes sense to the world at large. Success!!!

Clearly, these lads are poised for greatness. Decker rules on vocals and synth but does not diminish Cardinale’s precision drumming and programming or Shopa’s equal prowess on synth with some easy to listen to vocals of his own to go along with it. The lyrics are clear and easy to relate to, smacking nothing of the bourgeoisie sometimes cryptic affected nonsense I have heard over many years listening to bands who failed to launch in this genre. You are Electronica or you are not. By the time the final track “Grey is the Color” had ended; I was feverishly wanting for more. Gentlemen, it is time to leave the painting, car parking, and popcorn behind! Get on the road and head this way!!! Papertwin has it locked. Get your copy of Vacation when it releases on June 24th, 2016.

Deborah Carson is a writer who hails from the city of Leicester in England. She has been heavily involved in the music business and music culture since her childhood. She now lives in Roseville, California working as a copywriter and contributing writer for LaurenIgnited.

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